Budapest – 10 fun things to do

… you might not tried before

While on holiday, why not try activities you have never done before? You can add playful elements to enrich your vacation program. There are many smaller companies offering adventurous, trendy amusement options for both locals and visitors. We have collected a few ideas for you:

Cooking course

Cooking course Gastronomy is always part of the local culture. Trying new courses, tasting new flavours is fun. If you take part on a cooking course (alone or with your friends and family) you will learn how to prepare the dishes, how to consume them and combine with other courses or drinks. Gastro-stories, gossips will spice up the event and you can eat what you have prepared with your fellow cooks.

Outdoor gym

You can continue your training while on holiday, there are no more excuses. It’s getting more and more fashionable to use the outdoor gyms set up in parks and residential areas. If you have ever feared of getting recognised at home, you can try it when on vacation. To top it all it’s free of charge.

Segway tours

Sighseeing by segwaySegway is a two wheel vehicle driven by your balance. It’s easy to navigate and environment friendly, this makes it ideal for sightseeing tours. First you take part on a mini education section on how to use segways and how to navigate, then helmet up and follow your guide to the best Budapest locations.

Co-working office

If you are a part-time vacationer or staying for a longer time in Budapest, you might need an office to work from time to time. A co-working office is a fully equipped office space where desks, meeting rooms and event space are rented. On one hand you have all the background to work smoothly and conveniently. On the other hand you can join a community of locals and foreigners and take part on casual events. You can make friends, business or both. E.g. Kaptár was included in top 10 o the list of co-working offices in the world.


picnic in a parkSightseeing is trying, you will get hungry soon. In some Italian cities tourists are discouraged from eating sandwiches on public places but it’s not the case in Budapest. Find a scenic spot like Margitsziget, Millenáris or a nice park and make a picnic. You can buy local specialities on markets or grocery stores and relax.

Cave tours

Have you ever visited a stalagmite cave? If you are in Budapest it’s high time. Budapest has many caves some of them are open to the public. The less adventurous can take part on a guided tour in Szemlőhegyi or Pálvölgyi caves (warm cloths and convenient shoes are suggested). The brave ones can experience a real underground tour with headlight and jump suite. An experienced guide will show you the magnificent world of caves; you can trail and climb following the sometimes very tight routes. It’s truly a unique experience.

Rooftop yoga

Rooftop yoga BudapestYoga fans or curious novices can combine workout with a beautiful Budapest panorama. More yoga teachers make advantage of the open-air practice and scenic setting on inner-city rooftop locations.

Aria Hotel Harmony Rooftop Yoga


How about a comfy couch for the whole family? It’s another way of watching film in a movie. It’s an excellent program with children or with your loved one.

You can check the program here.

Mobile sauna

Sauna bus BudapestSounds weird but it’s true. An old bus converted to a mobile sauna, it can park anywhere you wish. From the muggy cabin you can admire e.g. the Parliament building. Fits for 6 persons with changing cabin and cold shower. Pre-booking is essential.


Home restaurant

Dinner clubs and home restaurants are getting popular everywhere in the world. It’s a local and authentic culinary experience. It’s like attending a small dinner party at a local family’s home. One can also meet like-minded people who are looking for less traditional ways to explore the city and have a tasty dinner to crown it.

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