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Boulevards Budapest – getting around

Liberty BridgeFrom the Pest end of the Margit-híd runs a semicircular avenue, built after Parisian pattern. This is called the “Nagykörút” meaning Grand Boulevard. It reaches the Danube at both ends joining Margit-híd on the north and Petőfi-híd on the south. Grand Boulevard is the overall name of Szt. István-, Teréz-, Erzsébet-, Teréz- anf József-körút. The semicircle continues on the Buda side, although not quite as regulary as in Pest. The bridge north of Margit-híd, Árpád-híd is the beginning of an outer semi-circular ring. This reached the Danube on the south, when Lágymányosi-híd the newest bridge was completed, right beside the existing railway bridge. These two rings form the main boulevards Budapest.

Bridges of Budapest

Danube divides the capital in two pats as it flows southwards. At the northern limit of the city it is almost a kilometer wide, the narrowest point is at the foot of the Gellért hill, where its width is only to 230 metres. Alltogether Budapest has 7 bridges and two for trains. From north to south they are: Árpád-, Margit-, Lánc-, Erzsébet-, Szabadság-, Petőfi- and Lágymányosi-híd. Over the history they had many different names but this is how we call them today.

Elisabeth bridgeThe oldest one is Lánchíd (Chainbridge) which is beautifully illuminated at night and in the summer months for the weekends it is preserved for pedestrians only. Between Árpád- and Margit-híd, one can find the pleasantly green Margaret island, which is a very popular recreational area. The slim white iron bridge, called Erzsébet is a suspension bridge, which was very modern at the time of its construction. The Szabadság-híd is famous for its statues, two birds from where earlier many people committed suicide.

The historic center of Pest extends between Lánchíd and Szabadság-híd. This is what we call the city center even today, officially it is the southern part of the 5th district. The main street in the city is the pedestrian street Váci utca. The center is surrounded by the “Small Boulevard” Kiskörút, which consits of Károly körút, Múzeum körút and Vámház körút. If you would like to have a thorough look of Budapest, we recommend to book a downtown accommodation.

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