Sziget Festival

Sziget Festival 9th to 17th August 2017

Sziget means island in Hungarian. This is the name of one of Europe’s biggest music festival, organized in Budapest on the Óbuda Island every year in August. The festival is usually one week long  and  offers 1000+ performances on 30 different stages/platforms. Today the Sziget attracts nearly 400000 visitors 50% of which come from Western-European countries.

Sziget Festival BudapestConcerts

The programme is really rich, all sorts of music are represented here from hard rock to jazz, from world music to folk. On the main stage and the world music stage mostly  international superstars perform. In stages set up in large tents, you will probably find bands you have never heard of.

Other programmes

There are many other opportunities for passing time, not only concerts. You can find here cinema, theatre, bungee jumping, tattooing, internet tent, sport opportunities, wedding tent and many many more. Of course there are a lot of different pubs where you can eat and drink.


Sziget festival stage

It is possible to camp on the island in your own tent or in a hired one. There is a different type of ticket available for those who sleep on the island. You can also find here cheap Sziget accommodation in the city of Budapest in apartments or in budget hotels.

How to get there

You can either take the green local train called HÉV from Batthyány square or Margit-híd (Margaret bridge) towards Szentendre and get off at station Filatorigát, where the Sziget main entrance and the so called K-bridge is located.  Another option is to travel by ship from Jászai Mari square (the Pest side of Margaret bridge), where dedicated ships depart from. The ship fare is cheap, around 1-2 EUR. Of course, you may take a taxi, but be prepared to face increased traffic in the late afternoon hours, when most people visit the Sziget.

Sziget Festival is very popular among young people not only because of the wide range of programmes, but due to its relaxed, easy-going atmosphere. If you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely need to.

Budapest has another, bigger island called Margitsziget, that is the main relaxation place of Budapest citizen’s.

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