FINA World Cup Budapest

From 14th to 30th July Budapest houses one of the most prestigious international events the: FINA World Cup 2017.

This exiting series of competition attracts many visitors and locals too. The organisers expect almost 200 participating countries. Within short two weeks new world champions will born in 75 different events. The six disciplines included are:

  • diving
  • open water swimming
  • high diving
  • synchronised swimming
  • swimming
  • water polo

To be able to organise similar important international sport events, state of the art facilities open their gates. The venues are unique in many ways.

 FINA World Cup Budapest venues

 Danube Arena

Danube Arena ComplexThe former Dagály Swimming Complex is being renovated and enlarged within a record-breaking 2 years. It is going to be the main venue of the championships. The complex features two Olympic-size pools and can accommodate more than 15,000 spectators.

Diving towers Buda

Temporary diving towers

Not only the discipline but the setting of the high diving towers are spectacular. Just across the Parliament, the landmark building of Budapest, will the competition take place. A temporary pool in the river Danube and a diving tower of 27 meters are being constructed.

FINA City ParkCity Park – Városliget Lake

Two mobile pools are constructed in the middle of one of the most scenic spots of Budapest. Vajdahunyad castle and Heroes’ square will be the background during the competitions of the synchronised swimming teams.

FINA Alfréd Hajós ComplexAlfred Hajos Complex

It will be the main venue of the water polo matches. Not only the complex but the whole Margaret island is getting a face-lifting. Generations of legendary Hungarian water polo players were trained here, conquering the world by clinching 9 Olympic titles.

FINA BAlatonfüredLake Balaton – Balatonfüred

Open water swimmers will compete in the prestigious resort Balatonfüred. The famous holiday resort has a nice lake side pathway and together with the Abbey of Tihany in the background, it will serve as a picturesque setting for the competitions.

The organisers will be backed up by 3500 volunteers and a medical team of 500. So all effort is taken, to set up a smooth and unforgettable international event.

According to predictions 6,5 billion people will follow the TV transmissions all around the world. Hopefully many of them take a fancy to visit the beautiful locations of Budapest later.

Source of photos: official FINA Budapest website

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