Margaret Island

Margitsziget (Margaret Island) is a huge island between two bridges: Margit-híd and Árpád-híd. Apart from some hotels it is not inhabited, serves as a recreational area for the people of Budapest.

Margitsziget FountainOriginally it consisted of three separate islands, that were artificially connected. It has a surface of 96 acres and a lenght of 2500 metres. It is a protected and traffic free area giving home to several rare plants and the famous sycamore trees. Many architectural relics can be found here e.g. remnants of the Dominican cloister, where the Saint princess Margaret once lived. The island was actually named after her.

Sights and sport facilities

The most interesting sights on the island are the Water Tower, the music fountain, the mini zoo and the Japanese garden.

Trees on MargitszigetMany recreational facilities such as the athletics centre, the Hajós Alfréd swimmingpool and Palatinus open-air swimmingpool are at the visitors’ disposal. Walking along the island one can find several smaller fountains, statues and relics. 2-3 hours can be pleasantly spent in this green oasis. Bicycles and 4-wheelers can be rented too.

The island can be best approached by tram nr. 4 or 6 from the direction of Margit-híd. You just have to walk to the island on the small bridge that connects the island to Margit-hid.

Fountain with msuic and light showOne bus line: nr. 26 operates on the island, it departs from Nyugati Pályaudvar (Western railway station) and the Árpád-híd metro station. Two hotels, the Health Spa Resort Margitsziget and the Grand Hotel Margitsziget await the guests on the island.

Margitsziget is a nice park indeed that has many faces depending on the season. It definitely worths a visit. On a nice sunny day it seems like all the locals are on the island, it can be rather crowded around the entrance bridge. Since the area is huge, you only need to walk a bit inwards and will find tranquil spots.

In 2017 Margitsziget was one of the main venues of FINA Worldcup Budapest.

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