Budapest caves

The city of caves – Budapest underground

Budapest is often referred to as the city of spas. It is not as widely known that it can be called as a city of caves as well, because approximately 200 smaller and bigger caves can be found under the capital. The Budapest caves were formed by the same springs that today supply the thermal baths. The majority of the caves were discovered at the beginning of the 20th century, when house buildings and drainage construction works were carried out. Budapest has 9 strictly protected caves and 3 are open to the public.

Budapest caves

Pálvölgyi cave

It was discovered in 1904, during stone extraction. The speleologists found 1200 metres long passages and beautiful stalagmit formations. It was soon opened to the public, equipped with electric lighting in 1927. Since 1944 it is a nature protected area. There has been continous search for new passeges and by 1980 the lenght exceeded 13 kilometres. In 2001 the connection with the neighboroughing Mátyáshegyi cave was discovered and as a result of this today this cave-system is the second longest in Hungary with its 18km length. For visitors guided tours are organised in every hour. The temperature is around 8 Celsius, warm clothing is recommended. The tour lasts about 50 minutes during which 500 metres are covered. There are ladders and steep stairs, it is not recommended for the physically challenged and for children under 5. Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 4pm.
It is also possible to visit the unbuilt, natural areas of the cave, if you are interested in a more adventurous way of exploring the caves, please see:

Sightseeing under Budapest – caving tours in the undeveloped parts of Pál-völgyi-Mátyás-hegyi cave system

Szépvölgyi út 162.

Szemlőhegyi cave

In the vicinity of Pálvölgyi cave another smaller but totally different cave is to be seen. The entrance was discovered in 1930 during construction works and later a total length of 2200 metres was revealed. The steep and high walls are decorated with minerals that look like cauliflower, bouqets or bunch of grapes. That is why the cave is called the underground flower garden. For visitors guided tours are organised in every hour. The temperature is  around 8 Celsius, warm clothing is recommended. Thanks to the recent renovation the cave can be visited by wheelchair as well. Opening hours: Wednesday to Friday from 9am to 3pm., Saturday to Sunday from 9am to 4pm.

Pusztaszeri út 35.

The Castle cave 

It was formed by the dissoluion of natural springs after the cementation of the rock. Only some parts were formed naturally, as later it was built to form a labyrinth of passeges and cellars by the population of the Castle District. It was used as shelter, storage etc. and was reinforced later by a concrete foundation. Guided tours daily from 10am to 6pm. The tour lasts about 50 minutes.

Országház utca 16.

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