Budapest City Park

 The Park

Behind the monument of the Heroes’ Square one of the largest green areas of Budapest can be found. It’s worth mentioning not just becuse of its hundred years old oak trees and relaxing pathways but some intresting buildings and important amusement places also hide there.

Vajdahunyad CastleIn the Middle Ages there was a swamp in the area, which belonged to the Hungarian kings and was used as a hunting place. In the 18th century Queen Maria Theresia ordered the swamp to be canalised and trees to be planted. The territory witnessed a great development, when in 1896 it became the place of the celebration of the thousandth anniversary of the Hungarian conquest.

The Széchényi thermal bath is one of the largest bath complexes in Europe. It was built in neo-baroque style between 1909 and 1913 and later enlarged. It consits of an indoor and an open-air part with several pools. Its water originates from the artesian springs of the City Park, which are 74 Celsius warm. The thermal water is effective in healing gynealogical, dermatological and nerve problems.

City ParkThe Zoo is relatively small in comparison with other famous zoos in the world. What makes it interesting that it has an Art Nouveau style decoration and some parts are covered with Zsolnay tiles. It is the second oldest zoo in Europe. The Amusement Park, and the Circus are also situated here, which contribute to the fact that the City Park is a beloved place to spend free time in Budapest.

The lake of the city park makes the whole park a romantic spot. It is possible to row a boat on it when the weather is nice. During wintertime the lake is drained and serves as the biggest artificial ice rink of the city.

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