The palace of arts


The Palace of Arts (MÜPA)

The long awaited new cultural institution of Budapest and Hungary, the Palace of Arts, was finally opened in 2005. It houses three different institutions:

Palace of Arts BudapestThe National Concert Hall is located in the heart of the new Palace of Arts. It has the dimensions of a Gothic cathedral. The state-of-the-art audio visual system is suitable to achieve unique light effects, sound recordings and film projections. In spring 2006, the “queen” of the instruments, a new concert organ, took her place in the Béla Bartók Concert Hall.

This magnificent instrument, with its 92 registers and 5 manuals, was under construction for thirteen months, involving some sixty expert professionals.

National Concert Hall organThe Festival Theatre in the Eastern third of the Palace of Arts building, also has the most modern technology. Thanks to the acoustic design it can be used not only for prose performances but also for classical music concerts. Furthermore chamber operas, jazz concerts, world music and light music events also take place.

Ludwig Múzeum – Museum of Contemporary Arts – occupies the wing of the building closest to the Danube. The first floor is for temporary exhibitions, on the second and third ones the museum’s own collection resides. The building meets all the most modern expectations of museum technology. First of all it ensures ideal climatic and light conditions for the art objects.

Opening hours:

The Palace of Arts is open everyday from 10 am to 10 pm, and until the end of the respective performances. During opening hours, public areas are open to the public, just like the Bartók Béla National Concert Hall, if there is no rehearsal or performance on.

If you are interested in arts and classical music, you shouldn’t miss the Budapest Opera House.

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