10 ideas for a winter day in Budapest

As winter seems to be never ending this year and days are sleepy, gray and foggy, here are some programs to cheer up while staying in Budapest.

1. Head for a thermal bath

Pack your bathing suit, towel and slippers and visit a thermal bath. Budapest is famous for its hot springs, they have healing ingredients but they are good for relaxation too. Some bathes have been recently renovated and offer a wide range of services from massage and beauty treatments to bubble and waves pools. Try Gellért, Széchenyi, Rudas or Veli Bej.

2. Day spa for a touch of luxury

If you want more pampering, a day spa would be even better to get some good mood and forget the cold outside. It’s more exclusive, more private and you can choose packages according to your taste and mood. Sauna, massage, spa rituals, beauty care – just to name a few options.

Budapest winter day3. Cooking course

You can delight yourself through your stomach and senses too. A great way to forget about the weather and everyday stress is to try new cousins and flavors. Even better if you have your friends go with you and nothing can stop fun. There are many cooking schools offering classes in English. You can prepare special Hungarian or international dishes.

4. Escape room

You will need a few friends or relatives to play an escape game. This is a true team work. A story based game where you need to find clues, solve riddles and use different tools to get out of the room. The greatest enemy is time, as you got only 60 minutes to escape. There is a wide variety of escape rooms in the innercity and a bit further outside too.

5. Ice skating

In winter the best possible sport options in a city to find an ice rink and put on your skates. Regardless of the weather, fun is guaranteed. In Budapest the most scenic ice rink is at the City Park. The boating lake is converted for each winter season to a huge ice rink. On weekends it gets quite crowded but it’s worth trying at least once.

6. Caves

On a cold winter day you can also go underground. Budapest has many caves; two of them can be visited by guiding. The temperature is constantly around 8-10 Celsius. The underground world is unique and spectacular, a must see program for young and old.

7. Visit a café with board games

If you are traveling together with some friends or family a good alternative for spending the day indoor is to visit a café where board games or cards are available for customers. It’s fun to evoke a long forgetted game from your childhood or learn a new one, while playing together with your friends.

8. Taste something new

There are numerous places where you can take part in a tasting. Let it be a wine, beer-, champagne-, cocktail- or even coffee tasting, you can try something different, something new. After a few glasses of yummy wine, you will be cheered up enough to forget about the cold.

9. Bed cinema

You can combine the comfy double bed of your home with the latest cinema technology. The king-size double bed is souitable for 2 adults + 2 children under 10. Diverse programs for young and old.

Buda Bed Cinema 1036 Budapest, Bécsi út 38-44


Last but not least on a cold winter day you can escape to a rainforest. Visiting the indoor tropical zoo with a large shark tunnel is always a buzz. Especially in winter, the pleasant inside temperature makes this program very appealing. There are feeding shows on set days and guided tours are also available upon pre-registration.

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