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The weather of Budapest

The climate in Hungary is continental, which means that summers are quite warm, 35 C is normal and winters are cold, 0  -5 or even -10 C during daytime, and that there are four seasons following each other.

Weather Forecast, Budapest Hungary


Beginning of March is a bit cold, but there are many sunny days and the temperature becomes convenient by the end of the month.

April is very changeable with rainy and sunny days following each other, but the temperature is generally favourable.

May is almost like summer with many warm and sunny and some really hot days. You can even go bathing on some days and sit in outdoor places in the evening.


Summer is quite hot in Hungary, the temperature can go up to 36 C during daytime, so it’s best to go sightseeing in the afternoon or morning hours. Be prepared however for sudden showers and sometimes there are even 4-5 subsequent rainy days when temperature may drop to a daily peak of 20 C.


September is still warm, but not as hot as summer months. One can even go to the beaches or enjoy outdoor places in the evening, too.

In October there may be some colder days, but usually the so called “Indian summer” is during the first 2 weeks of the month, when you can walk in a T-shirt during daytime. Evenings are much colder.

November is a little bit cold and foggy, there may be some snow around the end of the month.


Winter is relatively harsh and cold in Hungary, make sure that you have a winter coat and a pair of gloves. There are longer periods of snow, so a pair of boots may be necessary, too.

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