Budapest dentists

It started in the late 80’s when the Austrians discovered how much lower the prices are in Hungary. They started to visit the dentistries in Western Transdanubia. That is why the largest number of dentists still work in Sopron and Mosonmagyaróvár.

Budapest dentistry

If you take a walk in these cities you can find a dentist’s nameboard almost above each entrance. The first brave patients realised that not just the prices are lower but the dental services are of high quality, the staff is polite and they speak languages. The Hungarian medical qualifications are world-famous and yearly more and more students come to study on the Hungarian medical universities.

Soon the dentist tip became a not so well kept secret. As low cost airlines emerged and flights became much more affordable, more and more guests arrive to Hungary to combine a holiday with a visit to a dentist or with the direct aim to take part on a dental check-up.

Budapest dentist

Even if one has to pay for transportation and accoommodation, dental patientthe final costs of a comprehensive dental treatment is still much lower, than it would be in England, Ireland or Germany. In the meantime Budapest keeps up with the latest trends. A wide variety of services are available from dental consultation to surgery, dental implants and aftercare service.

Apart from individual dentistries, new companies were founded that additionally take care for organizing accommodation, flights and transfers.

So if you want a nice smile and want to save, don’t hesitate!

Not just dental treatments, health and beauty services are also a lot cheaper in Budapest.

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