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Budapest medical tourism

Exceptional wellness facilities along with outstanding healthcare services have put Hungary on the list of the most significant medical tourism destinations in Europe. Hungary is a top choice for travelers from all over the globe who seek quality healthcare as well as complete body and facial rejuvenation. What first attracted the attention of international tourists were the unique thermal and medical baths and spas, with a natural supply of not only pleasant but also healing mineral waters. Later, in the 1980s, those living in neighbouring countries started to discover that Hungarian clinics offered services of a surprisingly high quality, at much lower prices than the ones they were used to. Today Hungarian health services attract lots of medical tourists from every corner of the globe, and their number is continuously rising.

Health tourists travelling to Hungary are highly pleased that they can enjoy outstanding Hungarian quality at a fraction of the price they would pay at their own countries, thus making savings of up to 75%. Hungary has a lot of experience in treating patients from abroad and offers a wide range of options for combining a medical treatment with a marvellous family trip. It is difficult to determine their exact number but Budapest clinics have hundreds of thousands of foreign visitors each year.

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Dental treatment in Budapest

Dentistry and especially cosmetic dentistry is far the most significant sector of Hungarian medical tourism. Hungary was the first in Europe to treat cross-border dental patients. After over 20 years of experience in dental tourism, it is proud to be a top destination for patients seeking dental care abroad. In the 1980s, when Austrian patients started to travel to Hungary for affordable, high quality dental care, dentistry was concentrated near the western border of Hungary; later the centre shifted to the capital Budapest.

Dentist in Budapest

The quality of work done by Hungarian dental specialists is ensured by a number of factors including stringent guidelines, the most advanced technological background, and comprehensive dental training. Hungarian dental regulations, for example, are widely acknowledged as being the strictest in the world. Another important aspect is that all clinics are fully equipped and procedures are carried out using the latest techniques. This, together with the extensive professional experience of Hungarian dentists, provides a modern and safe yet pleasant atmosphere which foreign patients appreciate so much.

Cosmetic surgery and rejuvenating treatments

Cosmetic surgery is another field of healthcare that attracts a great number of visitors to Hungary each year. As elective surgery is becoming more and more widespread, those living in developed nations are seeking alternatives to save on the cost of a liposuction or a face lift surgery.

Beauty treatment

Budapest clinics offer all available procedures, from simple cosmetic treatments such as mesotherapy to complex surgeries and combo packages. A surgeon working in a cosmetic surgery clinic must be fully qualified, board-certified and receive thorough practical training. The cost-effectiveness of Hungarian cosmetic surgery is what makes the country outstanding in the region and makes thousands and thousands of tourists undergo a cosmetic procedure here.

Laser eye vision correction

If a perfect vision and a life free from glasses and contact lenses is what you wish as a souvenir from Hungary, you will find the way of achieving that too. Vision correction is the most sought-after ophthalmic procedure throughout the world. With the help of the laser technique, it is completely safe, the results being immediate. IntraLASIK technology, developed in Hungary and now used in the whole world, made the process of improving vision more comfortable than ever. With the help of this unique computer-controlled laser technique lasting for only a few minutes, patients experience the results immediately, and they do not have to face any pain or uncomfortable feeling.

Laser eye vision correction

If you are interested in receiving a medical procedure or rejuvenating treatment in Hungary, medical tourism facilitators can help a lot. They not only help to arrange travel, accommodation, the procedure and leisure activities, but they also provide you with a great deal of information on the treatments, clinics, and allow you to discuss your concerns with specialists.

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