Zoo night

The last Friday evenings of the summer are traditionally dedicated to zoo night. This year it’s the 25th August and there are already 12 zoos participating (Budakeszi, Budapest, Debrecen, Győr, Jászberény, Kecskemét, Miskolc, Pécs, Szeged Zoo, Tropicarium, Ecocenter in Poroszló and the Bear Park in Veresegyház).

This is already the 6th time that this special event takes place. It’s not just a prolongation of the opening time but all venues organise special events.

Budapest zoo night time visit

The Budapest Zoo awaits visitors with animal and light shows, musicians and face decoration for the little ones.

Zoo Night in details

The main entrance will be opened at 7pm, and this is the start of the special programs too. Admission and ticket sale lasts until 11pm, visitors are asked to leave until midnight. To avoid queues tickets are available in advance and online as well.

Spectacular animal and plant shows takes place at 23 different spots of the Budapest zoo. Programs cover anaconda petting, animal feeding, acrobatic sea-lion performance and many more.

At the Magic Mountain (Great Rock) further programs take place: e.g. meeting the rays and some artrophodas – just to name a few. Ice sculptors, fire jugglers and LED light show will boost the atmosphere.

The Budapest Zoo draws the attention of visitors that some parts of the zoo will not be accessible during the special event to ensure the night tranquillity of sensible species. However some sights are only available within the frames of Zoo night.

Budapest Zoo

Zoo night special tickets at the Budapest Zoo:
Adult: 3500 Ft
Children: 2500 Ft (under age 14)

Combined ticket access to Budapest Zoo on Friday evening, the 25th August
to Tropicarium and Budakeszi Zoo on 26th and 27th August all day long.
Adult: 4000 Ft
Children: 3000 Ft (under age 14)

Our advice is to buy tickets in advance and be prepared that you are not the only one interested in this unique program.

Read more about the Budapest Zoo here.

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