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Wine is a major characteristic feature of Hungarian culture, history and gastronomy. Wine can be sorted in groups of white-, red, rosé, sweet-, dry and dessert wine. Wine cultivation is carried out on cca. 93000 acres in Hungary.
The quality of wine is determined by the region, type of grape and human intervention.Wine was introduced to Hungary by the Romans, and the country was known for its excellent wines until the devastation of World War II and the Communist era. Recently Hungarian wines have had a renaissance and winning prizes in international competitions.
There are 22 wine regions in Hungary, that have different characteristics regarding their size, location and produced wine types. A visit to top vineyards and cellars can be combined with activities as diverse as hiking, cycling, canoeing or simply just relaxing in some of the thermal baths.
Some Hungarian wine types are world famous e.g. Tokai, Egri Bikavér (Bull's Blood) and there are famous vineyards winning awards on different international competitions. But there are plenty of other wine types to discover. Have you ever heard about Juhfark (sheep's tail), Szürkebarát (grey monk), Csóka (jackdaw), Királyleányka (king's daughter) etc.

Wine regions

In Northern-Transdanubia: Ászár-Neszmély wine region, Etyek-Buda wine region, Mór wine region, Pannonhalma-Sokoróalja wine region, Sopron wine region

Around lake Balaton: Badacsony wine region, Balatonboglár wine region, Balatonfelvidék wine region, Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region, Balatonmellék wine region, Somló wine region

In Sothern-Transdanuia: Pécs wine region, Szekszárd wine region, Tolna wine region, Villány wine region

The Danube region: Csongrád wine region, Hajós wine region, Kunság wine region

In the North-East part of the country: Bükk wine region, Eger wine region, Mátra wine region, Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region

The "fröccs"

Hungarians often enjoy their wine with a mix of soda-water. Depending on the quantity of soda added, there are numerous variations of this drink called "fröccs". Nagyfröccs - 2 dl wine, 1 dl soda,
Hosszú lépés (long step) - 1 dl wine, 2 dl soda,
Kisfröccs - 1-1 dl wine and soda,
Házmester (landlord) - 3 dl wine, 2 dl soda,
Viceházmester (vice landlord) - 2 dl wine, 3 dl soda
Lakófröccs (tenant) - 1 dl wine and 4 dl soda,
Polgármester (mayor) -6 dl wine, 4 dl soda,
Maflás (slap) - 5 dl wine, 5dl soda

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