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The Millenáris

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The Park

The Millenaris is a modern cultural complex with exhibition halls, theater, galleries and a cafÉ surrounded by a well-maintained uniquely designed park. The park with its small pond and play-ground is very popular among families with small children. The former industry buildings were transformed to host scientific and cultural events. 
The Millenaris Park
The House of Future is an exhibition area with 3000sqm, the frequently changing topics embrace genetic research computer sciences. Pixel Gallery is an outstanding showroom for media arts. Opening times:
Tuesday-Friday: 9.00–17.00,
Saturday-Sunday: 10.00–18.00
The Palace of Miracles is a playful, interactive exhibition. A kind of mixture of a museum, playground, school, cultural- and amusement center.
The Millenáris
It presents scientific and natural phenomena interactively. The exhibited objects try to proove that the world is interesting. In every autumn the main theme of the exhibitions changes but some popular attraction eg. monocycle, moonwalk and some installations stay there.
Opening times: Monday-Friday: 9.00–17.00, Saturday, Sunday: 10.00–18.00 

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