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So you've seen the central Budapest landmark of the Heroes' Square, and marvelled at St. Stephen's Basilica, in particular at the mummified relic of the first King of Hungary's right hand… what's next?


If you're looking for an unusual experience in Budapest, it's not so difficult to get off-the-beaten-track and see the unique sights of the city. For any parent or would-be educator out there, there's also a wealth of Hungarian history to discover, making this capital one choice spot to learn all about the tales, trials, and tribulations of the nation.

Located on the outskirts of Budapest, Memento Park is a veritable must-see, particularly the thought-provoking Statue Park. Displaying over 42 works that include large-scale statues, as well as busts and memorials, the park is the only Communist-era statue museum in Central Europe. Open from 10am until dusk, the park is accessible by public transport or a direct bus. For more information about current exhibits, recommended itineraries, and further background information about the project, check out the Szoborpark site (English and Hungarian versions available).

Gellért Baths

The best thing about Budapest is even though trekking around to see all the sites may be a little on the exhausting side, any trip to the city isn't complete without some serious relaxation. As Budapest is conveniently placed on top of a network of mineral springs, both warm and cool, there's nothing more enjoyable than paying a visit to one of the numerous public spas – and taking full advantage of the healing properties of the calcium, magnesium, sulphate and fluoride found in abundance in the waters of Budapest.

But in Budapest, 'taking the waters' isn’t all there is to do when bathing – for the Hungarian capital certainly takes the cake when it comes to eye candy. Forget about ornamentation on Viennese opera houses, the trims and treasures of a traditional London hotel, or even the magnificence of the theatres in Paris, when it comes to bathing, Budapest visitors and locals are truly spoilt.

Take the renowned Gellért Baths, for instance, a stunning example of belle époque architecture and worthwhile even just to take a peak in the lobby! On the other hand, there are a whole host of Turkish-style bath houses remarkably dating back to the 16th century. Treat your body and soul to sublime rejuvenation in the steam rooms, icy pools, or hot spas and you'll be ready for everything that Budapest can offer!

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